Turning Texas Blue via TexKos

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First, an article in The Economist: Texas by numbers

[H]ere are some numbers that jumped out. They suggest that (a) the Democrats face an uphill battle but (b) demography really is changing this state and (c) Team Obama are deadly serious about this endeavour. […]The second numbers […] come from Steve Murdock, the former state demographer of Texas who now runs the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University. It is one thing to know that Hispanics recently overtook Anglos (non-Hispanic whites) as the largest single block in the population. It is another to hear Dr Murdock’s projection for Texan children under five in 2040. At that date, he estimates that 69.9% of under-fives will be Hispanic, and 17% will be Anglo.

The last half of this piece discusses Battleground Texas’ strategy for registering, persuading, and getting our voters to vote.


Next we have an interview from TexasLeftist which TexKos is calling a must-read for anyone interested in a future blue Texas:

“I had the opportunity to sit down with Lane Lewis, chair of the Harris County Democratic Party. We discussed some of the activities of the county party, his thoughts about the renewed interest in Texas Democrats, and the possibilities of Texas Turning Blue. And as he said, talking about turning Texas blue is great, but it won’t get accomplished without decisive, coordinated action. There has to come a point where rhetoric meets the road.”


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