NerdNite Austin Wednesday (4/10) was great!

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Doors at 7, talks start at 7:30. As always, Nerd Nite is FREE.

One pillar of Austin’s famed weirdness is its outsized music and arts community. The other is a wealth of small businesses and gutsy entrepreneurs. This month we celebrate “local nerd makes good” stories with three presenters who want to infect the Austin marketplace with their niche answers to the question “Wouldn’t it be better if…?”


“Wouldn’t it be better if you could take a gondola to work?,” by Michael McDaniel

You’ve been there. Idling on I-35, ruminating ‘Why did I think this would be better than South First?’ as a turkey vulture picks through the discarded Sonic breakfast burrito on the shoulder beside you. It could definitely be better. Michael will discuss the feasibility of “The Wire,” his idea for a system of 3S detachable gondolas connecting neighborhoods throughout Austin and making it possible for cyclists and pedestrians to “hop” over congested areas. Just like a turkey vulture.

Michael McDaniel is a Principal Designer at the world famous design and innovation consultancy, frog design. He is obsessed with creating meaningful design in order to make this world a better place.


“Woudn’t it be better if there was an olive oil man?” by Jeff Conarko

As we’ve proven at Nerd Nite before, one marketable obsession in Austin is food. Before the convenience (and homogenization) of supermarkets dominated food retail, families would shop for specific foods at specialty stores. Jeff Conarko will explain why the fascinating history, chemistry and health benefits of olive oil and balsamic vinegar justify an entire store devoted to the same.

Jeff Conarko is co-founder with his wife Tabatha of Con’ Olio, Austin’s first locally owned olive oil and balsamic vinegar retail store and tasting bar. Conarko worked for Dell for 12 years before he left to follow his passion, which grew from his frequent trips to Europe.


“Wouldn’t it be better if we made more of our own clothes?,” by April Kling Meyer

April will talk about her passion, fine fabrics, and what it took (and continually takes) to make her hobby her job as the owner of Austin’s fashion apparel fabric store, Fabricker. She will wax nerdy on different types of fabric, fibers, and weaves, and offer samples of fabric to see and feel.

April Kling Meyer is the proprietress of an independent local fabric store, where she’s chasing her own goals after years of working in sales and marketing for tech and media, while moonlighting in retail and music.

Bonkin’ break music from TX CHIP musician Star Fighter Dreams

(Talks may not be given in the order described.)


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