Opinion: Population Growth Isn’t All Bad

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Or: Stop Telling People to Stop Moving Here
By Stephanie Myers

Throughout the history of the United States, new arrivals to this country have told everyone arriving one minute after they did to stop coming. The collective attitude seems to be, “It was great that I could come here, but now everyone else stay away.” You’d think in a city supposedly as liberal as Austin, this mentality wouldn’t prevail. But it does.

I recently read a student opinion piece on the increasing popularity and rising cost of living in Austin, published in UT’s Daily Texan, in which the author writes, “….we, the concerned, semipermanent residents of Austin, have a simple request for the thousands of people who flock to this city every year: Please, we beg of you, move elsewhere.”

I guffawed over my coffee. The “semipermanent residents” are begging others who move here to contribute to the economy, the housing market, the creative industry and the culture of this city to stay away? I can’t blame the young writer for her opinion when it’s the same one uttered from the mouths of plenty of others every day. She’s just repeating what has come to be the cry of the “original” Austinites – everything was better before “all of you” showed up; don’t move here.

Here’s the thing though. Almost nobody is from Austin. You might have moved here in 1990, but you still moved here. Whether you moved here to go to the University of Texas or to get out of Houston or to escape El Paso or you moved from as close as Johnson City or Llano, the vast majority of you still moved here.

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