Select Details from an Article about the Upcoming Wheatsville at 4001 South Lamar

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Full Article:

I’ll put the most exciting part, from the end, first:

The new Wheatsville will open as Austin’s organic and upscale grocery competition grows hotter than a (locally sourced) hot tamale, as Whole Foods and Central Market continue to thrive and Trader Joe’s plans to open a downtown store this year.

And here’s some bullets and a quote from a Wheatsville guy:

  • Wheatsville’s Second Store to Feature Demo Areas, Bakery, Expanded Café (and a much larger parking lot)
  • “We hope to be open by June 1”, also five more locations over the next 10 to 15 years is the overarching plan
  • Almost double the amount of retail space as the original store and will create about 100 new jobs
  • Big green lighting initiative: a mix of skylights, LED lights and “Solatubes” that channel sunlight from the roof

“People have been dying for us to have a place where we can learn from each other about cooking and wellness. By having more co-ops, we are able to increase our overall impact and get closer to our BIG Direction goals of more local, organic sustainable food, more co-op economy and more happy people,” Dadomo said. “More people buying from co-ops means that we get to buy more from local farmers and vendors.”



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